Baltimore Ravens Grab Momentum With Big Back-To-Back Touchdown Drives

By alibud69
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Huge plays win title games, or in the case of the Baltimore Ravens, in the 2012 AFC Championship game, failing to cash in on huge plays or indeed complete them will lose you games.

The commitment on defense is there yet again from the Ravens and I suppose the manner in which they have stifled the New England Patriots’ offense throughout this game so far

This title game really needs a huge play, but Dennis Pitta holding on to the ball after bone crushing hit from Jerod Mayo, then getting up and catching a touchdown pass on the very next play may have to do.

The pure toughness of Pitta isn’t going to win the style points of a Julio Jones 50-yard touchdown reception, but in many ways it is just as impressive.

Pitta also had a nice 22-yard completion on a short pass up the middle from Joe Flacco on 2nd down, really his play summed up a brilliant drive by the Ravens to take a one-point lead.

The Pitta touchdown drive really grabbed the momentum for the Ravens, who marched right down the field on their next drive to manufacture a 21-13 lead.

Rather than being the big play of this game, it could very well end up being the big drive that was needed to hand the momentum firmly to the Ravens. The Ray Rice 15-yard completion were he created something out of nothing was also a thing of beauty.

Whilst I still crave a huge play to jump and scream about, the second drive of the second half for the Ravens is a perfect example of solid execution and gutsy play.

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