Dallas Cowboys Lack Of Playoff Success Is An Embarrassment

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It’s Championship Sunday in the NFL and fans everywhere are excited to see what’s going to happen. In the NFC Conference, no matter who wins today, they will make it the 11th different team to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl in the past 14 years, and the Dallas Cowboys are not one of them. It doesn’t get any more embarrassing than that.

Think about it, after today there will only be five NFC teams who have failed to make it to the Super Bowl since the turn of the century and the Cowboys are one of them. To add insult to embarrassment, the Cowboys haven’t even been to the NFC title game in that span. It’s been 17 years since the Cowboys have played for their conference title, making them one of only three teams in the NFC to hold that honor. Can it get any more embarrassing for Cowboys fans?

Actually it does, how about one playoff win in the past 15 seasons, and two playoff wins since their last Super Bowl title in the 1995 season. That’s 17 years of playoff futility for a once proud organization. I say ‘once proud’ because there aren’t many Cowboys fans, no matter how much of a diehard fan you are, who haven’t used the word joke to describe the Cowboys in the past 15 seasons. Right about now there are plenty of Cowboys fans that would love to be called next year’s champions like Tom Landry’s teams in 1970s once were. Cowboys fans all over would like to see some measure of success because they haven’t gotten much recently.

I know I’ve written this before but just look at some of the teams that have represented the NFC in the Super Bowl over the past 13 seasons because it needs to be repeated; the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints, St. Louis Rams, Seattle Seahawks, Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals. I understand that times change and teams go through cycles but that is an awful list to look at if you’re a Cowboys fan.

So here are Cowboys fans, sitting and watching another Championship Sunday go by without their team playing for a chance to go to the Super Bowl. It’s fair to say it’s gotten pretty bad in Big D and there’s always hope for next year, but Cowboys fans aren’t supposed to be saying that word, ‘hope.’ Yet that’s about as good as it gets for Cowboys fans, they have to hope things get better. They hope that Jason Garrett is the answer at head coach; they hope that Monte Kiffin can turn around the defense; they especially hope that Tony Romo can win a big game and they will forever hope that Jerry Jones…never mind, hoping for that is useless.

So on another Championship Sunday, here’s to hoping the Cowboys organization is watching and learning what they need to do to become a better football team in the future. For fans though, hope, is running out.

On the bright side though, the Philadelphia Eagles have never won a Super Bowl, so Cowboys fans got that going for them, which is nice.

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