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Fan Stabbed After NFC Championship

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

In what’s being called a gruesome act of violence, it’s been reported that a fan of the Atlanta Falcons was stabbed in the throat by a San Francisco 49ers fan.

After the 49ers 28-24 win, over the Falcons, to advance to the Super Bowl, some fans got into an argument outside the Georgia Dome. Witnesses said that the Falcons fan punched the 49ers fan, who pulled a knife and retaliated by stabbing the Falcons fan in the neck.

Details about the individuals involved in this incident and the victim’s condition have not been released, but the victim was rushed by ambulance to a nearby Atlanta hospital.

This, as you know, isn’t the first act of violence between fans, nor will it be the last.  I do have to ask, however, how does a fan get past security and into a professional sporting event with a knife on their person?  Bottom line, the Georgia Dome and Falcons’ security staff didn’t do their job, and they need to be held accountable.

The NFL has made fan safety a high priority following other incidents involving fan-on-fan violence, but this was a major step backwards if you ask me. Undoubtedly, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL chief security officer Jeffrey Miller and NFL head of security Ray DiNunzio will have to break this case down, and determine how it could have been avoided.

Since 2008, teams have been instructed to follow the NFL’s “ Best Practices on Fan Conduct,” which is a set of guidelines of what is allowed from fans and how each team should deal with it, when it comes to disorderly fans.


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