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Five teams that need Tim Tebow

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5 NFL teams that need Tim Tebow

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This season in the NFL, 16 teams had a losing record. Obviously it's time for some teams to start changing and head in a different direction.

Tim Tebow isn't the next Johnny Unitas, but he is a proven winner. He makes the plays when he needs to. He doesn't turn the ball over nearly as much as other starting quarterbacks such as Mike Vick, or Mark Sanchez. His dual threat ability to run and pass milks the clock and keeps apposing offense off the field. His leadership skills were shown last season when he took over a sorry 1-4 Denver Broncos team and led them to the playoffs and won a playoff game over the heavily favored Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime with a miraculous performance.

Tebow's best attribute is the two minute drill. He was the best in college at it. He's one of the best in the NFL at it. Tebow does not have Drew Brees' passing skills throughout the course of a game, but when it matters most he takes over. When his team is down with just one possession remaining in the half or the game he makes the play. Tebow had six game winning drives last season in just 11 games, including a 95 yard game winning drive to beat the New York Jets.

Tebow is not a fantasy football type quarterback, he usually doesn't put up tons of yards, touchdowns and an extremely high rating. Tebow is more of a Terry Bradshaw or Joe Namath type of quarterback. Tebow has that "it" factor, that clutch factor to win games that some players just dont have.

These five teams would benefit if Tebow was their starting quarterback because of Tebows ability and their current situation. These teams would be instantly better if Tebow was their starter.

So here it is, 5 teams that would be better with Tim Tebow.

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5. Oakland Raiders

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If Only Al Davis were still the owner of the Oakland Raiders. He would make the move to bring in Tebow and return the Raiders to their winning ways. This franchise hasn't won a Super Bowl since the 1983 season.

The only legit quarterback the Raiders have had in recent memory is Richard Gannon. Tebow knows a thing or two about the AFC West. After all, he did win the division last season. The Raiders need to get past the "Jamarcus Russell era" in Oakland, because they haven't had a winning record since 2002.

Carson Palmer is the starting quarterback now at 33 years of age. Sure he actually put up decent numbers in 2012, but costly interceptions, no mobility and lack of consistent play put this teams quarterback position in question for the future.

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4. Kansas City Chiefs

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Matt Cassel has been the starter for the Kansas City Chiefs the last four seasons. He had a great season in 2010, but other than that it's been really bad. Every season except 2010 Matt Cassel has failed to throw more touchdowns than interceptions. Tebow puts up better passing numbers.

If anybody can pull this off, it's got to be Andy Reid. Reid is pretty good head coach, but more importantly he is a quarterback guru. Reid can implement Tebow into the Chiefs system and get wins. Enough to win the division? No that's Peytons right now. But possibly enough for a wildcard playoff spot.

Chiefs quarterbacks last season combined for 8 touchdowns and 20 interceptions. That speaks for itself.

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3. Miami Dolphins

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What happened to this franchise? The Miami Dolphins used to have the best quarterbacks like Dan Marino and Bob Griese. Didn't the Dolphins watch Tebow play at Florida and win two national championships?

Tebow would not win the division in his first season as a Dolphins quarterback, but he would make them playoff contenders every year he is the starting quarterback. And from that point on he would make them division contenders. This team has been playing it safe for years and it has got them nowhere. Eventually the Dolphins have to take a risk.

Tebow would thrive in the warm weather and most importantly he would get a chance to play against the team that benched him for an entire season. Imagine a Tebow-Rex Ryan rivalry twice a year? Ryan Tannehill was extremely over-drafted at No. 8 overall. The Dolphins have a better chance with Tebow than with Tannehill.

Remember, this is the team that chose Daunte Culpepper over Drew Brees. How is that working out?

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2. Jacksonville Jaguars

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This is the most obvious one. The Jacksonville Jaguars have already said they're not interested and if so, they're loss. The Jaguars have had 5 straight losing seasons. They tied for the worst record in the NFL this season for a reason. What do the jaguars have to lose?

Imagine Everbank Field when Tebow runs out of the tunnel? The Tebow chants would be at an all time high. The Jaguars have nothing to lose. You would think that a two win team that has never won a thing would possibly take a risk.

How Blaine Gabbert was drafted No. 10 overall is still a mystery. It's not his mistake, it's managements. If the Jaguars sign Tebow they will instantly be better. The Jaguars haven't won their division since 1999.

Would Tebow have gone 2-14 with the Jaguars last season?

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1. Arizona Cardinals

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I never thought I would feel sorry for a guy who signed a $120 million dollar contact. But that's the case with Larry Fitzgerald. Arizona Cardinals quarterbacks could only get the ball to Fitzgerald 71 times for four touchdowns in 16 games. That's just unacceptable.

This team had four different starting quarterbacks in 2012. Talk about inconsistency at a position. Is Kevin Kolb really the answer? Probably not because of inaccuracy and injuries. He will always let you down in the end.

Unlike the other teams, Tebow doesn't transform the Cardinals from bad to average, he transforms the Cardinals from average to possible NFC champions. This Cardinals defense led by Patrick Peterson is hard hitting and started off 4-0. Tebow to Fitzgerald would be a top 10 quarterback-wide receiver hookup in the NFL.

Imagine a top 5 defense only having to take the field for 20 minutes?