Four Players Who Disappointed the Green Bay Packers in 2012

By Kevin Van Pelt
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The Green Bay Packers had another great year in 2012, winning the NFC North for the second straight year and finishing the season with an 11-5 record. However, just like every other team in the NFL, the Packers had a handful of players were did not live up to their full potential in 2012. Whether it be from the offense, defense or special teams, Green Bay had some sort of flaw in all aspects of the game which led to an early exit in the playoffs this season. Let’s take a took at the players who under performed in 2012.


Mason Crosby

The Packers drafted Crosby in 2007 and he has not been a disappoint until this season. Crosby has been one of the most reliable kickers ever since he came into the league and to watch him struggle so much this season baffled the Green Bay coaches and the fans. Crosby finished the regular season making only 21 of his 33 kicks which is only a total of 58 percent and was 2-for-9 with field goals over 50 yards. His percentage was the worst in the league and his kicks did not only miss, but they missed bad. It was a surprise to hear that McCarthy was sticking with Crosby through his struggles, but Crosby did seem to turn it around some late in the season, but Crosby needs to improve next season or the Packers might be looking at a new kicker.


Tramon Williams

Williams had his lowest amount of interceptions (2) since becoming a starter back in 2008. In the previous four seasons, Williams lowest interception total was four and his pass deflections went down from 22 to 16. Williams is known for his great press coverage, but he didn’t seem to be able to contain many wide receivers this season. Besides for having a poor performance coverage-wise, Williams still had trouble wrapping up and making open field tackles. He is a small player, but at times it is like he is almost scared to go make a tackle and make a hard hit.


B.J. Raji

The most notable flaw for the Packers defense this season was the ability to stop the run. The Packers defense on the interior line struggled to get any penetration into the backfield and slow down running backs at the line of scrimmage. Raji has struggled the past two seasons failing to make any big contributions to the defense. In fact, not only did Raji have trouble stopping the run, but he finished the season with zero sacks.


Packers’ Running Backs

This is more than one player, but all of the running backs for the Packers struggled this season so it made more sense just to lump them as one person. The season started with Cedric Benson, who the team signed during the offseason, as the starting running back and he was supposed to provided the Packers with a more power run game. Benson was able to play in only five games before getting injured, but during those five games Benson struggled to provide any life into the run game. He had 248 yards on 71 carries for an average of 3.5 yards a carry. James Starks was virtually identical to Benson, rushing for 255 yards on 71 carries in the five games he was in. The leading rusher for the Packers was young Alex Green who rushed for 464 yards on 135 carries for an average of 3.4 yards a carry. No matter who the Packers put at running back there was still s struggle to maintain a consistent attack. Coach Mike McCarthy kept a balance play call though and tried sticking to the run game to open up play-action passes for Aaron Rodgers. However, no running game could appear for the Packers making them one of the worst rushing teams in the league in 2012.


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