Joe Flacco Can Beat Tom Brady With Steady Leadership Tonight

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Flacco doesn’t have to out-play Tom Brady when the Baltimore Ravens take on the New England Patriots in the NFL‘s AFC Championship game.

He simply needs to be a steady leader for the Ravens offense and make sure his team executes and doesn’t give up key turnovers to a Brady-led team that will more than take advantage.

Flacco is a much better quarterback than the Ravens used in 2001 to win a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer. But that doesn’t mean the Ravens are sure bets to win today and take the Super Bowl. Circumstances are different. Flacco doesn’t need a great game, just a steady game.

What will be especially important for Flacco is to make sure the Ravens don’t give Brady the ball too much. So long drives, even if they don’t turn into points, are something Flacco needs to engineer for the Ravens.

Flacco has enjoyed one of his better seasons in a five-year career that has been overlooked by many NFL experts. He’s started every game for the Ravens since being taken 18th overall in the 2008 draft from Delaware and became only the second NCAA Divison 1-AA first-round pick.

He’s yet to get the respect he deserves and undoubtedly that will continue if the Ravens don’t win. But Flacco has a chance to make it happen. His interceptions number has been low throughout his career and all season. If he can get out of this game with no picks, the Ravens offense will be in good shape. Ditto for the entire team.

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