John Harbaugh Brings Perfect Game Plan to AFC Championship

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens were one game away from making the Super Bowl last season. Baltimore got a chance to exact revenge on the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game and proved that they are a team to reckon with during a 28-13 win to move on to Super Bowl XLVII. John Harbaugh spun a gem of a coaching job and now will face his brother Jim and the San Francisco 49ers in New Orleans on Feb. 3.

Harbaugh was able to get a great game out of Joe Flacco, including two touchdown passes to Anquan Boldin as the Baltimore defense shut down Tom Brady. Ray Lewis will get to play the final game of his career as well in the Super Bowl, which is a great way to go out. Harbaugh and the offense looked way too vanilla in the second half and overtimes of the divisional playoffs, but brought out a lot more shotgun from Flacco in basically using the New England game plan of winning against them.

The story lines are going to be coming hot and heavy for the next two weeks with the Harbaugh Bowl now set. It looked like it would happen last year, but this will be the year to see it happen. I expect a very tough and hard-fought game in the Superdome with perfect conditions to play in. Baltimore and Harbaugh deserve a ton of credit for not allowing New England to get back to the Super Bowl again and the wait is already too long for the Super Bowl to start.

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