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Michael Crabtree Must Avoid Distractions

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The story of Michael Crabtree coming into the NFC Championship Game is one that would distract anyone. Crabtree has been accused of sexual assault and while Crabtree likely won’t be charged in the matter, it had to be a distraction as this week went by. This game becomes a chance for the San Francisco 49ers to get redemption from last season’s loss and Crabtree’s issues just cloud his thinking about the game and the game only.

I don’t know how someone can think about the job they have to do when something like this is floating around through their heads all week. That’s why I’m not a professional athlete obviously. Crabtree has to have some closure going on though if he won’t be charged but that flight before the team’s game against the Atlanta Falcons must have been interesting. I’m interested to see how well Crabtree actually plays in this game however. If Crabtree can come up with a day of more than five catches and around 80 yards, the 49ers could make it a very long day on the Falcons.

Atlanta is going to have problems with Crabtree all day and that is where Crabtree can maybe find a place for three hours where his sole focus is on football. I really think Crabtree will be able to do that and can forget at least for a while about his potential legal problems. The 49ers are going to need Crabtree in this game which I think could turn into a shootout so hopefully Crabtree is thinking clearly.

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