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The San Francisco 49ers Need to Get Vernon Davis Heavily Involoved Today

Davis, Vernon 1

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

With the off the field distraction with alleged sexual assault by San Francisco 49ers wide receiver  Michael Crabtree the stress shift and will be put on tight end Vernon Davis will be even greater. Davis is a freak of nature tight end, with all the speed considering he’s a 6′ 3″ 250 lbs. is amazing to say the least not to mention he can block effectively when called upon to do so.

This year he has had 41 catches for 548 yards and  five touchdown receptions which is a solid year for tight ends not named Rob Gronkowski. Davis will need a six or seven catch game versus the Atlanta Falcons that is starting very shortly. Ever since former head coach Mike Singletary lit a fire under him, Davis was looking like a draft bust as he was taken sixth overall in the 2006 NFL. Draft but then suddenly came alive after a very public benching.

With fellow receivers such as Randy Moss and Mario Manningham, Colin Kaepernick has without question no shortage of offensive fire power, however Davis will have a great opportunity to flourish today and I think he will. What do I think Vernon Davis will do today? He will have six catches for 65 yards and a touchdown today and thus being an effective contributor for the San Francisco 49ers and could be the reason why they traveled east and won the NFC Championship and headed to New Orleans.

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