Welcome to the Harbowl!!!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Will it be called the Harbowl or Harbaugh Bowl? Or both? This is perhaps one of the coolest story lines in Super Bowl history. Two brothers coaching against one another in football’s biggest game. As a father, I can only imagine how much pride is going through their parents’ household.

Remember, both John (Baltimore Ravens) and Jim’s (San Francisco 49ers) father Jack was a highly successful football coach in his own right. But in just two short weeks, one of his sons will win the ultimate football prize. He must be beaming with feelings that cannot be described by words. As a football fan, I have to admit that I’m excited for this event as well. It will be really cool.

Get ready to be beaten over the head with Super Bowl XLII coverage of this event. But quite honestly, it is something we may never see again. While both Harbaughs may get back to this big game, the odds and circumstances of these two meeting again seems nearly impossible. So I am going to enjoy the hype. If you’re a football fan, a parent, have a sibling or just a big heart, you’ll enjoy this as well.

Somewhere either in Atlanta or on a plane, Jim has a huge smirk on his face. It is his biggest dream and his worst nightmare all rolled into one. The brothers are close, and now they’ll have a new bond. This is why we love sports. It is stories like this that keep us coming back. And in two weeks, it will be a story for the ages.

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