Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Continues To Undermine Head Coach Jason Garrett

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Whether or not you believe that Jason Garrett is the best choice as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys is now irrelevant at this point, because all you need to know is that owner Jerry Jones no longer does.

That much is clear after Jones, indirectly or not, allowed tight ends coach and brother of Jason Garrett, John Garrett, to take the position of coaching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receivers.

Let’s get this out of the way first: there is no way Jason Garrett wanted to his brother to leave his staff, but what other choice did John Garrett have than to take another job since it was known that Jones wanted him out?  If we’re keeping score, that is now three hand picked coaches that Jason Garrett has lost this off-season. Garrett hired and fired Skip Peete (he hired him back when he started as offensive coordinator of Cowboys in 2007), Rob Ryan and now his brother John. Just so we’re clear, NFL head coaches pick their coaching staff 31 times out of 32.

Now, after two years with his hand-picked head coach, Jones is once again making it known who rules the roost in Dallas and it isn’t the head coach. Anyone can see the latest move of allowing John Garrett to leave is something that Jones prompted and the only other option for John Garrett was to be fired by his brother. And that was not happening.

Of course, the process is far from over for Jones, because he still needs to hire some more coaches to further emasculate his head coach. Jones still will likely hire friend Houston Nutt to coach…something for the Cowboys, and we are all waiting on the final piece of the Jones puzzle, to see who he appoints as offensive coordinator. The Dallas Cowboys are back to having a lame duck head coach who holds no power or authority in the organization, and how well has that worked out in the past?

So there you have it, Cowboys fans. The process is working, only it’s back to Jerry Jones’ process, and this one will never be complete.

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