Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Up to Old Twitter Habits Again

By Dan Parzych
(Robert Hanashiro/USA Today Sports)

The Green Bay Packers saw their season come to an end earlier than expected after a disappointing loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. However, there is one thing to be excited about for football fans–the return of Aaron Rodgers to Twitter.

Ever since the Packers won the Super Bowl two years ago, Rodgers has made it clear that he will stay away from social media in the middle of the season to avoid distractions, but now that he has some extra time on his hands–it appears he’s up to his entertaining ways on Twitter once again. Rodgers has always been the type of quarterback who is never afraid to speak what’s on his mind–which makes his tweets even more hilarious to follow.

Say what you want about Rodgers, but he’s really one of the coolest players to follow on the popular social media website as he spent some time the other day answering fan questions. One of the best memories from Rodgers’ Twitter account was certainly after Green Bay won the Super Bowl two years ago and he was asking fans to provide their favorite “championship belt” stories–which was hilarious to read.

Packers fans may prefer to have their team in the playoffs, but at least their star quarterback will provide some sort of entertainment during the offseason by sharing what’s really on his mind. And of course Rodgers will go into Twitter hibernation once next season rolls around–so enjoy it while you can football fans.

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