HarBowl: Harbaugh-Haters Need to Show Some Respect

By Andrew Fisher
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Some people are probably already sick of hearing about the HarBowl. Well that’s unfortunate, because we’ve got 13 more days to go until Super Bowl XLVII. The bitching commenced last night on Twitter shortly after it was clear the Baltimore Ravens were heading to New Orleans. I guess I never realized how many people dislike the Harbaughs.

While it’s true that the media will have a field day with this topic and it will be beaten to death, my stance is that it could be worse. I mean, this is extremely unique – two brothers are coaching opposing teams in the biggest game in the history of our country.

To those who were also already complaining about the Ray Lewis retirement story, the HarBowl will help to overshadow it. But the Lewis story will get lots of talk too, and deservedly so. Also, don’t forget that on the other side, Randy Moss could be playing his last game too. Moss getting a ring is definitely another story to follow in the next couple of weeks.

My point is that the storylines leading up to this year’s Super Bowl are very good. There’s a lot more going on here than just the game itself, which is a good thing. Vince McMahon himself couldn’t have drawn up a better plan. What did fans want? Tom Brady playing in his sixth Super Bowl against Tony Gonzalez? I guess you could make an argument for that but, but brothers battling on the grandest stage and an injured legend playing his last game are both bigger stories to me.

Even if you don’t like the Harbaugh brothers (for whatever reason), you have to respect what they’ve accomplished in just a small amount of time. Jim is only in his second year as an NFL head coach, and John has now coached in three AFC title games in five years. The odds of two brothers coaching against each other in the Super Bowl are not good – this is very likely a once in a lifetime type of game.

Of course everything is going to be over-analyzed by the media, it’s the Super Bowl. Here’s a tip: don’t watch SportsCenter for the next two weeks.


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