Joe Flacco is One Win Away from Elite Quarterback Status

By Andrew Fisher
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Fact: Joe Flacco has defeated two future Hall-of-Famers on his way to Super Bowl XLVII.

Anyone see that coming? I didn’t think so.

The only ones who believed were the Baltimore Ravens. They’ve known all along that Flacco is gamer, and now the rest of America is starting to see it as well. I’ll admit, I doubted Flacco could get the job done over the last two weeks. I knew he had the physical attributes to compete, but I was skeptical he could go on the road in consecutive weeks and out-play two legends.

What Flacco did was show that he might be the best deep-ball thrower in the game, and that he is not afraid of the big stage. Oh yeah, and along the way he set a new NFL record with his sixth road playoff win, too.

It was real simple in the second half against the New England Patriots Sunday night – the coaching staff put the game on Flacco’s shoulders. They started throwing it all over the field, and after awhile, Flacco was just having his way. He torched the Pats for three touchdowns in the second half, and at times he made it look easy. Lots of credit has to go to Anquan Boldin and Dennis Pitta, but Flacco put all three of his touchdown throws right on the money.

In many ways, last night was a coming out party for Flacco. Fans knew coming in that he was a good quarterback, but he took his reputation to a whole new level defeating Tom Brady to go this his first Super Bowl. The time is now for Flacco to take his game to the next level and to earn the title of ‘elite NFL quarterback.’

I think he can still get there in the eyes of some even with a loss in the Super Bowl, but a win would undeniably put him in the conversation with the game’s best QBs.

If you’re going to give the edge to the Ravens in an area of their Super Bowl matchup with the San Francisco 49ers, it’s definitely with experience. Flacco and most of his teammates have played in many huge games with their backs against the wall. This game will be no different as Vegas favors the 49ers at -4.5. People will again doubt that Flacco can get the job done, but I’m no longer that guy. I believe that Flacco has what it takes to get his team the win in Super Bowl XLVII, and when he hoists the Vince Lombardi trophy in two weeks, people will have no choice but to call him elite.


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