NFL Rumors: Larry Fitzgerald Could Be a Target for San Diego Chargers

By Anthony Blake
Larry Fitzgerald, Ken Whisenhunt - San Diego Chargers
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

While the Larry Fitzgerald rumor has been bounced around before, it seems more likely now than ever for the San Diego Chargers to pursue such a move. I fully understand that Larry Fitzgerald comes with a massive price tag and that the Bolts just shelled out big bucks to receivers last off-season, but there is a new regime in place now. There are several reasons to believe that this might actually happen this time around and here are a few of them.

1. Fitz is Sick of Losing

Alright, this one is fairly obvious. Fitzgerald has been wasting away in purgatory (aka Arizona) since Kurt Warner decided to retire. The revolving door at quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals has been a complete joke, and he needs to make the most of the prime of his career. There is no doubt that Fitz is still a top caliber receiver in the NFL, but he has faded into the background of late. A relocation to San Diego would bring him back from obscurity.

2. Philip Rivers Desperately Needs a Go-To Receiver

Former General Manager A.J. Smith tried, he really did, but perhaps his biggest pitfall was letting Vincent Jackson walk out the door. The team needs to replace his presence, and neither Robert Meachem nor Eddie Royal is going to do that anytime soon. With Fitzgerald, Rivers would instantly have a big red zone target that demands double-teams and that would immediately upgrade tight end Antonio Gates’ value as well.

3. Half of Arizona is Already in San Diego

All indications are that Ken Whisenhunt and Fitzgerald were on pretty good terms with the Cardinals. He is now in San Diego along with Fitz’s former receivers coach (now Chargers QB coach) Frank Reich and former Cards special teams coach Kevin Spencer. The familiarity to lure Fitzgerald is on the Bolts’ staff and that has to count for something.

It may seem improbable, but new GM Tom Telesco seems to have the right attitude when it comes to rebuilding. He knows that the window for this Chargers team is still very much ajar, but Rivers isn’t going to last forever. The cost in draft choices to get Fitzgerald wearing lightning bolts might be steep, but it would be well worth the investment for a GM still trying to prove himself.

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