Randall Cobb's Emergence Makes It Easier to Let Greg Jennings Go

By Kevin Van Pelt
Jeff Hanisch- US PRESSWIRE

Over the past few seasons, the Green Bay Packers have been known as having one of the best receiving corps in the NFL. The amount of depth on their roster at the wide receiver position is uncanny and the chemistry that quarterback Aaron Rodgers is able to create with them in a short amount of time is something that is rare to find. This season, a new weapon was added to the mix in Randall Cobb.

Cobb is only in his second year in the league, but has proven himself to be one of the biggest assets on the Green Bay roster. Not only is he a starting wide receiver, but he is also the team’s kick/punt returner. Last season, Cobb was rarely used in the passing game and was mainly a returner. In the opening kickoff on opening night in 2011, the Packers saw just what Cobb can do when the ball is in his hands after his electrifying kick return for a touchdown.

This season Cobb had a much bigger role with the offense, which was planned; however, with the injuries to Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson throughout the year, Cobb was the number one target for Rodgers all season. This led to Cobb getting 104 targets, in which he caught 80 of those passes. The combo of Rodgers and Cobb completed 77 percent of their passes, which was the second-best percentage in the league this year.

The chemistry between quarterback and receiver is crucial, and Cobb has developed chemistry with Rodgers quickly. This can potentially make him the number-one receiver on the team if Jennings chooses to leave this offseason. Jennings is a free agent and while the Packers would love to keep him on their roster, it looks like that there is a good chance that Jennings will be gone – there have many quotes this season from Jennings where he states that staying in Green Bay is not a priority or that there is a good chance he won’t be back next season. Jennings seems like a player who is more willing to go where the money is rather than staying in Green Bay and winning another championship.

The Packers front office and coaching staff were most likely ready to sign Jennings over this offseason and prepared to give him a large contract. After seeing what Cobb can do, the Packers might be more willing to have Cobb as the number one receiver and use the money to build more on the defensive side of the ball where Green Bay needs the most help.


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