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Super Bowl XLVII: Five Reasons the Baltimore Ravens Can Win

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Five Reasons the Ravens can be World Champions

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The Baltimore Ravens are in the Super Bowl to the surprise of everyone but themselves. There was no reason to believe they were about to go on this type of a run; they were not playing well and they were beat up. Ray Lewis was coming back for the playoffs, but how effective could he be; he had been out for three months and was playing with one arm. Then it happened; the same thing that happened to the Green Bay Packers in 2010 and the New York Giants in 2011, they got hot at the right time.

The Ravens beat the Indianapolis Colts in the Wild Card round but no one thought anything of it; they were not that impressive in victory. Not many gave them a shot to beat the top seeded Denver Broncos and they probably should have lost, but destiny or fate was on their side. Somehow they tied the game with 31 seconds to go on a 70-yard touchdown pass with no timeouts; they went onto win the game in overtime.

As great as the win was over the Broncos; even fewer people gave the Ravens a shot to beat the New England Patriots. For a half; it looked like everyone was right this time, but then the Ravens dominated the second half. They outscored the Patriots 21-0 after halftime, and won the AFC Championship going away.

Now the Ravens open as a 4 to 5 point underdog to the San Francisco 49ers and most people are leaning towards the team from the Bay. That’s just what the Ravens want; they weren’t supposed to be here but they are. Are you brave enough to bet against them?

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They are not the defense that dominated the Giants in the Super Bowl 12 years ago, but they are playing well. They held the high-powered Patriots offense to only 13 points, including only one touchdown. Lewis and Ed Reed are finding their game again and the younger players are stepping up. The 49ers are playing well on offense, but so were the Patriots; the Ravens' defense will keep them in the game.

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Some Much Needed Rest

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As annoying as the two weeks of hype is to everyone else; it will help the Ravens. Their defense has been on the field a ton in three playoff games and eventually that’s going to catch up with an older defense. The two weeks gives them plenty of time to recharge their batteries, and they can go all out for one game. They won’t have to worry about a game the following week; they will have seven months to rest.

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Win it for Ray

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It’s going to get old, if it hasn’t already, but the Lewis story is real. Regardless of what everyone else thinks of him; the Ravens linebacker is loved by his teammates and the fans of the Ravens. They are riding that emotion and it is elevating their play. His teammates are playing for him and that’s a powerful thing.

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Joe Cool

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Joe Flacco has been outstanding in the playoffs and if the Ravens continue to put the ball in his hands, then the Ravens have a shot to beat anyone. Flacco has outplayed Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in successive weeks, and has made big play after big play. The 49ers have a very good defense, but they are vulnerable to the pass, and Flacco will take advantage of that if he is given time. If you are still sleeping on Flacco, you better wake up. He might be driving away in a car on February 3rd as the MVP.

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Team of Destiny

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The biggest reason the Ravens can win the Super Bowl; they feel like a team of destiny. No one, including the Ravens, can explain what it happening; it’s just happening. There’s no other way to explain the improbable win in Denver, the dominating performance in New England or the dramatic turnaround from December to today. Sometimes teams just get hot at the right time and everything they touch turns to gold. The 49ers are better than the Ravens, but so were the Broncos and the Patriots; those two teams are sitting at home. The Ravens have talent but right now they have something more important going for them; it’s a force that can’t be explained.

The Ravens have been riding a wave of emotion through the playoffs; can they ride it for 60 more minutes. The smart money says no, but momentum says yes; momentum is a powerful thing and the Ravens have it.

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