What Will New York Giants' Draft Plan Be?

By Christopher Gamble


James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants have the 19th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft and might have a lot of holes to fill. With almost half of the roster due for new contracts or replacement, GM Jerry Reese will certainly be a busy man in the coming weeks.

Speculation is already running wild as to what position the Giants will address. Once again, the idea that the Giants will draft the best player available is making its rounds, but it is misguided. Reese almost always drafts the best player available at a position of need. The myth that Jason Pierre-Paul was drafted because he was the best available and not based on need is wrong.

The Giants will draft for need as they proved last year when they had to improve an NFL-worst running game. They selected David Wilson in the first round, replaced Mario Manningham with Rueben Randle in the second round, added corner Jayron Hosley in the third and tight end Adrien Robinson in the fourth. In 2011, the Giants addressed a major need in the secondary and drafted Prince Amukamara.

Right now, the Giants could have major needs in the secondary, offensive line, linebacker and defensive line. All of those areas could require some attention in the draft depending upon how free agency shakes out.

The offensive line performed well this season. However, left tackle Will Beatty is a free agent, guard Kevin Boothe is a free agent and David Diehl might become a cap casualty which could leave some big holes along the offensive line.

It is very possible that the Giants will make that a priority. It all depends on what needs remain at the time of the draft and who is available when it comes time for the Giants to pick. Right now I would be willing to bet that Reese addresses either the secondary or defensive front. Why? Because those are the Giants’ biggest needs.

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