5 Reasons Why San Francisco 49ers Will Win Super Bowl XLVII

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Five Reasons the San Francisco 49ers Will Win it All


For the first time in the history of the Super Bowl, brothers will face each other on the sidelines as the head coach for their respective teams. I think it's quite neat, but let me tell you right now, the players will win this game.

It seems the Baltimore Ravens have rode the emotional roller coaster that is the retirement of LB Ray Lewis, but really QB Joe Flacco led them to the here by making timely throws and getting the ball into the hands of the Ravens’ playmakers.

On the San Francisco 49ers sideline, you have a QB with less than ten career starts under his belt playing in the biggest game of his life. Colin Kaepernick already won two playoff games to lead his team into the Super Bowl, so I have no reason to believe he will choke in a third and fail to win it all.

As much as I hate San Francisco sports, you cannot deny their accomplishments over the past five months. However, the smugness of their fans is without question the highest in all professional sports. I respect older generations of fans for remembering the five championships that preceded the one they are currently going for, but to see younger fans parading their “quest for six” avatars all over social media makes me sick to my stomach.

You can celebrate your two World Series Championships with the San Francisco Giants in the past three years, but don’t act like you remember any of the Super Bowls the 49ers played in before this one or pretend like you had anything to do with the fans involved back in the day. Cheer for your team now, the past is the past.

I hate to say it, but the Ravens are seriously outmatched from a player personal standpoint. The heart of the Ravens’ defense is old and relies on intelligence and emotion. I believe John Harbaugh can coach circles around his younger brother Jim Harbaugh, but coaching only takes a team so far.

Before 2011, the 49ers spent years building the core of their team with high to middle first round draft picks. They finally built a team that can win for a long time. Here are five reasons why the 49ers should have no problem beating the Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII.

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Patrick Willis is Better than Ray Lewis

Ray Willis

49ers LB Patrick Willis is the heart and soul of the San Francisco defense emotionally and physically. Ray Lewis is still the heart and soul of the Ravens’ defense, but more emotionally than physically. Lewis, in his prime, may have been the best linebacker to ever put on pads, but he is no longer in his prime and Willis has taken over the title of best inside linebacker in the NFL. Willis and Lewis both make life easier for their teams, but Willis is surrounded with more talent and more talent usually wins football games.

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Colin Kaepernick


The 49ers came into season with a quarterback that led them to the NFC championship, but he just could not get the job done. Colin Kaepernick replaced Alex Smith when he went down with a concussion and did what Smith could not. Going with the “hot hand” made Jim Harbaugh look way smarter than he is, but he did make the decision and I have to respect him on some sort of miniscule level. Kaepernick is leaps and bounds more athletic than most of the players on the field and the 49ers will win if he plays like he did in games where the Seattle Seahawks were not destroying them.

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Little Brothers Always Have Something to Prove


As the youngest brother in my family, I know the youngest is always looking up at the accomplishments of the oldest. Jim Harbaugh may have played in the NFL for an extended period of time, but John has been an NFL Coach since 1998. He has a lot more experience as coach and Jim still has a long way to catch up. John won their first game coaching against each other, but Jim can even the score and then some by winning on football’s biggest stage.

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The 49ers Are Set Up Better for a Brawl


The Ravens defense is playing over their heads in the 2013 playoffs. During the regular season, they were not a top ten or even top 15 defense. The 49ers defense is giving up a lot of points, but they are still set up better for a 60 minute brawl. They have more Pro Bowl players and playmakers on defense than the entire Ravens' team. Plus, the biggest difference maker will be RB Frank Gore, he is almost 30 years old, but he can still beat up opposing defenses as good as any other running back in the league.

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The 49ers Have More Players the Ravens Need to Respect


No Harbowl would be complete without the mention of WR Randy Moss. He does not have a ring, but is playing in his second Super Bowl. Moss is old, but the Ravens will still have to respect one of the greatest receivers of all-time, plus Kaepernick, Gore, WR Michael Crabtree, Willis, LB Aldon Smith, DE Justin Smith and pretty much the entire 49ers' defense. In the end, the 49ers will be too physical, too athletic and just too good.