Bill Callahan Takes Over Play Calling for Dallas Cowboys

By Jesus Flores
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has finally had it with Jason Garrett’s play calling, or at least it appears that way.

The Cowboys will be handing the play calling duties to none other than Bill Callahan, the team’s offensive coordinator and offensive line coach.  This, however, won’t be Callahan’s first rodeo, as he was the Oakland Raiders primary offensive play caller and offensive coordinator from 1998 to 2001.

So, what does Callahan bring to the table as a play caller?

Following a pretty rough first season as the Raiders’ offensive coordinator, Callahan’s offense was never worse than 8th overall, in points or net yards-per-passing attempt.  The Raiders were also very good when it came to giveaways, ranking no worse than 12th.

Callahan’s numbers say he is a pretty good play caller, but before we get all giddy about the possible change, it’s worth noting that the Cowboys offense isn’t the same system he ran in Oakland.  It’s not built the same way, and personally I don’t know that Callahan will have the same success in Dallas.

I can’t say he won’t succeed, however, because he’s inheriting a pretty talented group on offense.  What the Cowboys will need the most from Callahan is unpredictability.  On many occasions defenses knew, or claimed to know what was coming from the Cowboys offense, under Garrett.

I think this move has been long overdue, and it should help Garrett down the line.  Very few, if any, head coaches wear the dual hat of head coach and offensive coordinator.  By handing Callahan the play calling duties, Garrett can now focus on the entire team.


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