Hip Surgery Coming For Chris Snee

By Andrew Lecointe


Howard Smith — US Presswire

New York Giants’ OL Chris Snee will undergo hip surgery after he plays in next week’s Pro Bowl, probably raising questions as to how much longer he can go. Snee was drafted in the same class as QB Eli Manning, and he has protected Manning since then. Snee is also the son-in-law of head coach Tom Coughlin, being married to Coughlin’s daughter.

However, this latest revelation of Snee needing hip surgery has me thinking one thing. Why is Snee still going to play in the Pro Bowl? There have been so many players who have withdrawn from the Pro Bowl so they can simply rest their banged up bodies. It isn’t as if this is Snee’s first time at the Pro Bowl. This is the fourth time he’s been selected to the team.

Furthermore, Snee will now have to start in the Pro Bowl because San Francisco 49ers’ OL Mike Iupati is ineligible since he’ll be playing in Super Bowl XLVII. I do not think it is wise for Snee to continue to play, even if it is simply an exhibition game. Snee can further aggravate the injury and cause unnecessary damage.

Snee is 31, so the best thing for him to do at this point is rest up as much as possible when the times presents itself. Snee even admitted that he knows he won’t be able to do the same things he was able to do when he was 26. This is more reason for you to take a seat on this one. You have the money to bring your family to Hawaii whenever you want.

Since Coughlin is also his father-in-law, I wonder if he had anything to say about Snee’s decision. Snee is an adult so he can make that decision for himself. However, when you’re employed by a professional football team, you do things in the best interest of the organization also. Coughlin should talk to him and remind him of that. The Giants need him more than Hawaii does.

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