Judging New Chicago Bears Coach Marc Trestman

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Coaching isn’t done on paper, it’s done on the field. So in the case of new Chicago Bears head coach Mark Trestman, what all of us collectively think of the hire isn’t relevant. What is relevant is how well the chap coaches. I’ve heard him compared to Bill Walsh, and I’ve also heard that he isn’t very good. If you ask enough people, they’ll give you an opinion.

As they say, opinions are like (insert dirty word here). We’ve all got one. 

Of course, here’s my opinion: the Bears have failed to build a successful offense. Whether it is on the offensive line, wide receiver or tight end position, the Bears offense hasn’t supported the defense. With an asset like Jay Cutler at quarterback, the Bears have to produce better results. I’m still not 100 percent convinced that Cutler is a franchise quarterback, but he certainly is owed the right chance to prove this theory right or wrong. With what he’s had to deal with, it just hasn’t been the case. If Trestman makes Cutler that much better, he’s worth his weight in gold.

Lovie Smith was with the club for nine years, and I always thought he was a pretty good coach. But the bottom line in the league is wins and losses. With the Bears failing to make the playoffs consistently, it was time for a change. Based on all the candidates rumored and confirmed for the job, Trestman was the best choice. He’s considered a master with quarterbacks and offenses. Now again, will this translate to being a NFL head coach? Will Trestman be a failure? We won’t know until he actually coaches games. But general manager Phil Emery did his homework and interviewed several candidates. That’s all anyone can ask for; do your homework and hire the best candidate. Emery did that and I applaud him for the effort.

It will be nice to see the Bears finally take an offensive stance on things. While Mike Ditka was a former NFL tight end, the three coaches after Ditka were all defensive coordinators before becoming head coaches. Trestman makes a change in philosophy. While all of this seems grand, as a fan, I want to see this team win Super Bowls. That is all we can ask.

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