NFL Rumors: The Seattle Seahawks Will Struggle to Trade QB Matt Flynn

By Kase Brammer
Matt Flynn
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Last off-season, the Seattle Seahawks signed a free agent by the name of Matt Flynn. The organization brought him in to be the starter and expected to see some success from the young quarterback. Little did they know, QB Russell Wilson would compete and win the starting position before the regular season started. The Seahawks were stuck with an expensive backup quarterback that would receive almost no playing time during the regular season.

It’s okay, now the Seahawks will be able to get something for Flynn via the trade, right? Not so fast, a lot of teams interested in trading for Flynn believe the Seahawks will release him and they will be able to sign him as a free agent. The value of Flynn is going down by the day. Now that there will be less suitors, the Seahawks will not be able to get more than a fourth or fifth round draft pick for him.

Personally, I did not expect more than that in the first place, but the Seahawks could have gotten lucky and got as high as a second rounder from a desperate team like the Jacksonville Jaguars. Not so much the case any more. Jaguars new head coach Gus Bradley could have had something to do with that. Maybe he has some inside information from working as the defensive coordinator for the Seahawks.

Flynn signed a huge contract for a player that has two NFL starts to his name, but I think it would have been worth it if the Seahawks didn’t find such a gem in Wilson. I am a big fan of Flynn, but Wilson won me over with his will to get better every second of every day. The Seahawks may need to hold onto Flynn for a little longer to get more value out of him, but that might cost more money than it’s worth. The good news? Wilson is locked in his deal until after year three, so the Seahawks will get the best value possible from him.

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