NFL Rumors: Tim Tebow May Find a Home with Former Coach

By Anthony Blake
Tim Tebow, Mike McCoy - San Diego Chargers
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Alright, bear with me on this one. Bringing Tim Tebow to an NFL team is nearly the equivalent to hearing that Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey are coming to town, but the San Diego Chargers could use a move like this to spice things up. There are plenty of reasons to love and hate this from a football standpoint, but Tebow in San Diego kind of makes sense and here is why.

Newly hired Head Coach Mike McCoy got the best year ever out of Tebow with the Denver Broncos in 2010. Without McCoy in the equation, a signing like this wouldn’t make sense in the least. With McCoy however, Tebow would make a nice addition to a Chargers team that is looking for a spark on offense and conveniently enough is also without a third quarterback on its roster.

While there is no reason to think the signing of Tebow would even put any remote pressure on current franchise quarterback Philip Rivers, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone. Having Tebow take a handful of snaps a game in the Wildcat formation would keep opposing defenses off balance and perhaps give the Bolts that extra dimension that they have been missing in recent seasons.

It could be argued that the circus Tebow brings with him in terms of media attention wouldn’t be worth it for the Chargers, but this locker room hasn’t had great chemistry for the better part of the last decade. Adding Tebow into the mix could galvanize the group and give them a rallying point. At worst, things would stay the same with the prevailing ambivalence that most have grown accustomed to seeing from this San Diego roster.

What could make a Tebow marriage with the Chargers work is obviously McCoy and the intense attention to detail that he brings to the table. There is no doubt that he could devise an intricate plan that would utilize Tebow to maximize his abilities as he did in Denver and the franchise knows this from the interviewing process with McCoy.

When recollecting the interview with the Chargers, McCoy said: “They all laughed at me when I walked in with all of these books and binders. That is my life’s work. We have a detailed plan here that (GM) Tom (Telesco) and I are going to put together. All of the schedules we are doing for (organized team activities), mini-camps, how the players are going to eat during training camp, meals, times of practices, how we are going to go on the road if we are going to the East Coast, if we are leaving on Fridays or Saturdays for road trips. We are going to have a detailed plan.”

That ‘leave no stone unturned’ attitude is enough to give me belief that McCoy could make Tebow work with the Bolts. The only question would be is Tebow willing to accept a role that is less than a competition for the quarterback job? If the answer is yes, he would make a nice fit in San Diego. Don’t think we have seen the last of Tim Tebow in the NFL just yet.

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