NFL Rumors: Will Dallas Cowboys Hire Former NFL Coach To Coach Offensive Line?

By Ben Grimaldi
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

When the Dallas Cowboys named offensive coordinator Bill Callahan as the play caller over Jason Garrett today I couldn’t help but wonder what that meant for Callahan and his duties an the offensive line coach? After all, Jerry Jones has now made it clear he doesn’t want his coaches doing more than one thing at a time, which is a switch from his previous stance.

So with Jason Garrett settling for being just the head coach and Bill Callahan now actually becoming the offensive coordinator, is there someone out there Dallas would hire to coach its much maligned offensive line? I believe the answer is yes and I think we may have gotten a sneak preview of who it might be. According to Calvin Watkins of, Jerry and son Stephen Jones were seen talking to Mike Tice yesterday.

Tice is a former head coach of the Minnesota Vikings and he was also the offensive line coach in Minnesota, as well as with the Chicago Bears. This past season, Tice was the offensive coordinator for the Bears. Tice also played tight end in the NFL so he would make a nice fit for the Cowboys.

Hiring Tice would be another change in an offseason full of them for the Cowboys coaching staff and we haven’t even gotten to free agency for changes in the players. Tice would be an OK hire for the Cowboys because of his offensive line background but his work with the Bears offensive in the past few years leaves a lot to be desired.

So the winter of discontent continues in Dallas and Mike Tice maybe the next coach hired by the Cowboys.

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