More Needs to be done to fix Pro Bowl

By Andy Schmidt
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend brings the Pro Bowl in the National Football League. Everyone loves an All-Star Game to see their favorite players on the field all together, but this is the lone all-star game that just doesn’t work for me the way it is. The players in the game never seem to be giving 100%, and the game often turns into a 51-45 affairs where 1,000 yards of offense happens on a regular basis. I have two changes that I would love to see the NFL make to the the Pro Bowl.

The first thing I want is for the game to be in the middle of the season. Have the schedule as follows: the first eight weeks of the season are played, followed by a two-week break, with the Pro Bowl during the first Sunday of that break, followed by the last eight weeks of the regular season. It is a fair schedule where everyone gets the same weeks off and not stretched out all through the season. Every other sport does it this way, why can’t the NFL?

The other thing I would suggest is that if the game has to be after the regular season, why not have a fantasy draft for the rosters? It is obvious that fantasy football is huge, and allowing the players to have their own version of fantasy football for a week would be great just to see the roster combinations that come from it. Why not have teammates face off against each other? It is supposed to be for the fans anyway, right? It just seems too easy for that one to happen. For now, I guess we are all stuck with what we’ve got, with a low-energy effort coming.

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