The Pro Bowl Has Got to Go

By Joe Morrone
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The time has come to say goodbye to the Pro Bowl, forever. No player wants to play in it and very few fans want to watch it. I hadn’t watched a Pro Bowl in years and for some reason I tuned in to last year’s edition for two plays. The offensive and defensive linemen were standing straight up and the lack of effort was a disgrace. It was so bad that Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers called out his peers in the days following the game.

It’s hard to blame the players, though, they are playing in a game that means nothing but if they tear an ACL, then they are likely to miss games that do matter. If you are a Denver Broncos fan; you spend to whole first quarter holding your breath and hoping Peyton Manning’s knee doesn’t get rolled up on. If the Detroit Lions are your team; you are praying that Calvin Johnson never catches a pass, that way he won’t get tackled. The fans of every NFL team literally tune into the Pro Bowl to make sure none of their players get hurt. Sounds like fun to me.

The league makes a big deal about player safety but they continue to force them to play in a football game that means nothing to nobody, except the league because it is another way to make money. Roger Goodell talks a big game about getting rid of the Pro Bowl but every year there it is for no one to enjoy. All-star games, in general, have become a joke and the Pro Bowl is the biggest joke of them all.

Can any of you tell me who won the Pro Bowl last year, without looking it up; I’m a huge football fan and I don’t have a clue. A professor once told me don’t bring in a problem if you don’t have a solution; well I have one or two. Here’s a hint: the second one is better.

Even though the players do not want to play in the game; they do want to be selected and their families definitely want the trip to Hawaii. There’s a way to do both and the league can still have a television event; one that people will actually watch. Instead of playing a regular football game; play the world’s biggest flag football game. I’m not sure how all of it would work in terms of what to do with the linemen but it would definitely be more interesting than what we have now. Sure there’s still a chance that a receiver could hurt a knee making a cut but the chances would be a lot less.

That’s one solution; here’s one that makes even more sense, just do away with the game completely. We’ve all ready documented how both the players and fans despise the game; who is going to miss it? The only fun associated with the Pro Bowl is the voting and the naming of the teams; you can still do that, just don’t play the game.

At some point the Pro Bowl had a purpose, although I don’t know what it was, but those days are long gone. If the NFL cares about player safety and its fans, then do us all a huge favor. Nix the Pro Bowl, forever!

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