Carolina Panthers Make Smart Move In Hiring Ken Dorsey As Quarterback Coach

By jason evans
Carolina Panthers Cam Newton
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Dorsey has a new role with the Carolina Panthers. The Pro Scout has been promoted to the role of quarterback coach and guru for franchise quarterback Cam Newton. The Panthers have been promoting from within a lot as of late this off-season and continue on that path with Dorsey. Does it make sense though?

Well, I believe it does. Even though Newton has extraordinary ability to both run and pass, and is big enough to take the hits, the most important part of any quarterback’s game is his throwing. Cam’s completion percentage dropped from 60 percent to 57 percent. His yardage dropped over 4,000 to over 3,800 yards. Dorsey also has experience working with Cam.

During the lockout, Newton trained at IMG where Dorsey was his trainer. Dorsey had limited success as an NFL quarterback but led the Miami (FL) Hurricanes to a national championship while in college. Just because he didn’t have that success as a pro, doesn’t mean he can’t be a good teacher for Cam.

The relationship with new offensive coordinator Mike Shula will be important as well. Shula was the quarterback coach last year and was also recently promoted. A fresh pair of eyes on Cam could be all the team needs.

The Carolina Panthers are making small moves on their coaching staff. The names may not be the biggest, however, it’s not about the flashy big moves. It’s about the little moves that pay off. For Newton, having Dorsey as a part of the day to day coaching staff could help Newton improve his game

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