JaMarcus Russell Comeback A Bad Idea

By Andy Schmidt
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

JaMarcus Russell was taken with the top overall pick in the National Football League draft in 2007 by the Oakland Raiders. Russell struggled and was out of the NFL by 2009. Russell now says that he is going to try to make a comeback. I will suggest right now that that is a very, very bad idea.

Russell is sadly out of shape at over 300 pounds and there is no NFL team that is going to sign a 300-pound quarterback unless he can throw the ball 80 yards and has 4.4 speed. Russell had his chance with the Raiders and blew it with a 7-18 record as a starting quarterback. It is sad to say, but there are teams that will take a chance on Tim Tebow before they give Russell another chance. Russell had his dream in his hands and let it slip away by being lazy. I don’t think there is any reason for any team to try this.

Hopefully Russell can use this comeback attempt as a way to get his life back on track. If there is anything out of this that can be a positive, it is that and only that. Maybe Russell surprises me and I wish him the best of luck with that. I don’t see it happening, but stranger things have happened in the NFL.

The time for JaMarcus Russell has come and gone like a plastic bag in a breeze. It would be best for Russell to just get himself in shape and move on with his life.

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