Jay Ratliff's DWI Arrest Proves Yet Again Jason Garrett is a Fraud

By Jeric Griffin
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys got one thing right recently, but it was long overdue and nothing to write home about. Dallas finally mustered the courage to strip head coach Jason Garrett of his offensive play-calling duties, which should have been done a year ago. However, the root of Garrett’s problem was exposed less than 24 hours later when former All-Pro nose tackle Jay Ratliff was arrested and charged with DWI.

Ratliff is the second Cowboys defensive lineman to be arrested and charged with this account, joining his backup, Josh Brent. Two such accounts for one team is too many, but it’s safe to assume these aren’t the only Dallas players that have done this–the others just haven’t gotten caught.

When Garrett took over as head coach for the Cowboys, he insisted he would command a discipline that would make his players better both on and off the field. Well, it’s safe to say Garrett is all bark and no bite because these arrests prove these players don’t care about what their coach has to say. That likely means they get a slap on the wrist from Garrett, if that, and then go on about their business.

This is a perfect example of the failure of the Cowboys’ organization. Team owner Jerry Jones constantly preaches that he’ll change things if his team doesn’t win and lately he’s followed up on that tired line, although most of  the changes he’s making are not good ones. But the point is the Cowboys talk a big game, but don’t back it up and Garrett is another prime example because he preaches accountability, but doesn’t take responsibility for his own actions. So is anybody surprised that Brent and Ratliff have completely ignored their coach? Absolutely not.

Taking away Garrett’s play-calling duties should even further re-enforce this horse radish he’s selling about accountability, but clearly it’s not. A coach who doesn’t call the plays should have a team with minimal distractions, yet the Cowboys are just the opposite and that won’t change until Jones hires a coach who actually runs things, which won’t happen because no such coach will work for him and Jerry won’t give up what he thinks is control. And so, the sad state of the Cowboys will continue. Think Ratliff is even remotely sorry for this latest incident? Guess again.

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