NFL Rumors: Are Dallas Cowboys Close To Hiring Yet Another Head Coach?

By Ben Grimaldi
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The whirlwind off-season has continued for the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff yesterday with the naming of Bill Callahan as the play-caller for the offense, but there was other news on the Cowboys coaching front. Wide receivers coach Jimmy Robinson was not seen in Mobile, Alabama where the Cowboys have and their coaches have been scouting the Senior Bowl practices.

Neither Jerry Jones, nor Jason Garrett gave a clear response as to Robinson’s whereabouts, leading to speculation that he either will no longer be the Cowboys receivers coach. There is also the rumor that Robinson has decided to retire. Owner Jerry Jones talked to reporters yesterday about Robinson.

“Jimmy Robinson is one of the finest receivers coaches and brings a lot to the table regarding ideas. If he’s not involved it’s not because of his skills. It’s more because of his, own personal interests.”

If Robinson does retire it would leave another coaching position up for grabs in Dallas and there is already a name out there for the position, former Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson. Jackson is still under contract with the Cincinnati Bengals, so the Cowboys would need permission to talk with him; but, that hasn’t stopped his name from popping up. Jackson has been quoted as saying he’d like to be contacted by the Cowboys.

The move from Robinson to Jackson would be a good one for the Cowboys since Jackson has been a receivers coach in the league before, coaching the Bengals receivers from 2004-2006. Robinson is regarded as one of the best receivers coaches in the league and he would be missed, but if Dallas can land Jackson as his replacement, it should be a seamless transition. Jackson has dealt with some difficult personalities in the NFL, Chad Johnson being one, and it would be a positive switch with the Cowboys and Dez Bryant. I’m not saying that Bryant has the personality of Johnson, but neither player has always been easy to deal with.

As the Cowboys coaching carousel continues, it’s of note that when it’s all said and done the team may have at least four former head coaches, coaching under Jason Garrett. And that is not likely to be a coincidence.

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