Pat Shurmur is the Wrong Guy to Lead Philadelphia Eagles Offense

By Joe Doris
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

After making waves throughout the NFL with the genius acquisition of head coach Chip Kelly, the Philadelphia Eagles are now beginning to back-pedal as they plan to bring Pat Shurmur in as offensive coordinator.

Shurmur spent the past two seasons as head coach of the Cleveland Browns, before being canned just weeks ago after the conclusion of the 2012 regular season. In his two years in charge of the Browns, Shurmur struggled greatly to field a respectable, or even competitive, offensive unit.

And now he is coming to Philly in order to run the Eagles’ offense? Why?

The lone bright spot in the Browns’ offense this past season was rookie RB Trent Richardson, who was able to carve up opposing defenses on his own without any legitimate help from his teammates.

Fellow rookie, Browns QB Brandon Weeden, failed to impress in an NFL season flushed with over-achieving rookie quarterbacks, as he showed that he still needs plenty of work if he wants to succeed in any way at the professional level.

It looks like the Eagles have a desire to bring in Shurmur because of his past success in developing quarterbacks, with the most notable being former Eagles QB Donovan McNabb, who Shurmur guided in his original stint with the birds. The Eagles now have the task of molding a very specific type of signal-caller who is capable of running Kelly’s high-octane spread offense.

But if you look at the past three quarterbacks that have played under Shurmur (Weeden, Colt McCoy and St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford), you will see that they have all failed to live up to expectations at this point.

The offensive mastermind that should be creating and orchestrating this spread attack for the Eagles should be Kelly, considering the level of success that he experienced in his time at the University of Oregon.

I am extremely confident in saying that the Eagles are making a potentially disastrous decision in hiring Shurmur as their next offensive coordinator.


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