New England Patriots Fans Taunt Torrey Smith Over Dead Brother

By Trisity Miller
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

As a New England Patriots fan, I can surely say that this group of people does not represent all of them.

After the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Patriots in the AFC championship game, Pats fan took to twitter to aggravate and troll Ravens players and one of the players they went after happened to be wide receiver Torrey Smith. He stated that after the game Patriots fans taunted him about his dead brother, Tevin Jones, who had died earlier in the season.

— Torrey Smith (@TorreySmithWR)

When it comes to losing games, fans, at times, tend to get over emotional as most fans are heavily engaged into their favorite teams/favorite players. There is a limit to what a fan should do to let out their frustrations against opponents.

And the limit has definitely passed. A sport should never force a fan to attack someone’s family situations especially one where the target is a dead relative.

Terrell Suggs stated that “Patriots fans are the most arrogant (expletives) in the world,” and this may be true. The same team that posted a “Ray Lewis Retirement Billboard” before the AFC championship game and, of course, the Patriots lost handily to the Ravens 28-13.

All-in-all, Torrey Smith wins this battle as his Ravens will be participating in the Super Bowl next week while Pats will be at home watching them attempt to win the big game.

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