Should the Tennessee Titans cut ties with Kenny Britt?

By anthony denmark


Kenny Britt Tennessee Titans
Steve Mitchell – USA TODAY Sports

In the NFL, talent often forces desperate franchises to overlook red flags such as arrests and drug abuse when evaluating a NFL prospect. The unspoken rule is the more talented the prospect the more flexible the franchise is willing to be. In 2008 after a disappointing 8-8 season, the Tennessee Titans drafted talented play-making wide receiver Kenny Britt from Rutgers University. Blessed with the physique and size of Terrell Owens and the gazelle like speed of Randy Moss, the expectations for the rookie could not have been  higher. Despite having an impressive few seasons, the red flags that had many franchises take Britt off of their draft board completely, has continued to raise its ugly head during the off season.

After swearing to turn from a past littered with arrest for drugs and DUI, Britt is was recently questioned by the New Jersey Police Department for a stabbing and shooting that occurred in his hometown. Though his lawyer was told that he is no longer a suspect, one has to wonder if,  in light of his latest incident and with Titans Head Coach Mike Munchak on the hot seat, the time has come for the team to cut bait with Britt? His inconsistency on the field combined with this latest incident where the authorities had to contact Titans owner Bud Adams in order to locate Britt may have finally been the last straw.

Britt’s refusal to at first cooperate with the local police department may ultimately be the reason why the Titans decide to move. Worse yet, he can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Britt had promised his father that he would stay away from his hometown in efforts to avoid trouble. With his life and his career in jeopardy I truly believe Britt wished that he had listened.

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