Super Bowl Sabotage Claims Make Oakland Raiders Look Foolish

By Andy Schmidt
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There have been some interesting stories that have come out during Super Bowl week or the week before that. The story that Tim Brown is telling about how the Oakland Raiders changed their game plan against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10 years ago just a day before the game is one that has some legs, it does appear.

Brown claims that coach Bill Callahan went to a more pass-oriented attack as opposed to running just before the game. It sounds like plenty of former players agree and if that’s true, it is major disgrace to the game.

The Raiders got destroyed in that Super Bowl and I thought it was more because of the fact that Jon Gruden had just left the team the year before and knew what Oakland was going to do. If Callahan did change things up when he did have an advantage on the offensive line, then it is his own fault that things got out of hand early. This statement that Callahan hated the Raiders and that’s why he did it is also a joke. A job is a job, even if you hate it.

I really hope the full story of this comes out, though that isn’t likely. There are going to be people who cover this up and don’t allow it to get any further into the media, in all honesty. The Raiders have been a terrible team since this happened and maybe this is the karma they get for changing things at the last minute. Someone has a lot of explaining to do about this.

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