The Seattle Seahawks Have 10 Picks to Throw Around on Draft Day

By Kase Brammer
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The Seattle Seahawks will go into the NFL Draft at the end of April with 10 picks and not a lot of needs on offense or defense. So, what should they do? They need to trade up and get as many first and second round picks as possible. With the eye for talent changing in the NFL, GMs and coaches need to be even smarter about how they select their early round picks.

Although the Seahawks don’t have a lot of needs, there are still a couple areas on the team where they can improve. The first, rushing the passer. The Seahawks have elected to go with three big defensive linemen and a speed rusher on the outside for most of their defensive plays. Although this is great for stopping the run, it lacks a real threat to get to the quarterback.

The Seahawks can go about getting a great pass rusher one of two ways. First, a defensive end like Houston Texans J.J. Watt would all but guarantee a trip to the playoffs next season. Players like Watt are few and far between, but the Seahawks do have a great ability to get the most out of a player. Another option, is a linebacker that has a pass rushing specialty like Denver Broncos Von Miller. I attribute a lot of his success to the fact that Elvis Dumervil plays in front of him, but they compliment each other quite well.

The Seahawks need a right or left linebacker and defensive end combination that can do the same as Watt. This is pretty much what teams like the San Francisco 49ers have done with Aldon Smith and Justin Smith. I don’t need to tell you the success they have had because they are in the Super Bowl. That accomplishment speaks for itself.

A lot of teams fear dealing too much on draft day, but with the quality core the Seahawks have, they can pretty much throw caution to the wind and do whatever they want. They should be dealing more than any other team on draft day. I mean, why not? There are too many wheels turning, the Seahawks are too good to fail.

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