Tom Brady Fined $10K for Illegal Slide

By Trisity Miller
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Look’s like the NFL’s “Golden Boy” didn’t get away with this one.

The league has fined New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady $10,000 for unnecessary roughness. The play was in the AFC championship game, when Brady slid and stuck his cleats out toward Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed. Here’s the video of the play:

Though Brady isn’t known around the league as a dirty player, you’ve got to give Roger Goodell some credit for stepping up and fining Brady for participating in an act that could have injured Reed.

Reed said he had a chance to speak to Brady about to play and noted that Brady apologized.

“You know, I understand Brady’s point,” Reed told WJF-FX earlier this week. “Him protecting himself. I know he’s a great player. I respect Brady and his game for all it stands for, and I know he’s not a dirty player. And emotions get going in the game.

I told him — you know, we talked. We talked actually not too long ago, we talked on the phone. He actually reached out to me, texted me. I tried to text him back, but the message exploded after 12 seconds, so I had to call him … and he’s just apologized and what not. But I told him, ‘You know, it’s good, man.”

Whether the intent of the slide was to protect himself or harm the other player, it shouldn’t be tolerated at all. Hopefully this lets offensive players know that they aren’t invincible to the league office.

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