Top 5 Most Embarrassing Moments from 2013 NFL Conference Championships

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Top 5 Most Embarrassing Moments from 2013 NFL Conference Championships

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Greg M. Cooper - USA Today Sports

The field of NFL teams in contention for the Lombardi trophy continues to dwindle, but the level of stupidity in the NFL remains steady.

Only four teams suited up last Sunday for the Conference Championships, but the games provided us with more than enough embarrassing moments. There were enough that some strong contenders did not make the top five, but still deserve recognition. Among the nominees:

-Matt Ryan’s fumbled snap in perhaps the biggest game of his career,

-The New England Patriots curiously allowing the first half clock to wind down without taking a shot at the endzone, and

-The Baltimore Ravens, up 15 points halfway through the fourth quarter, got the ball back and just needed to run the clock down as much as possible before giving New England another chance with the ball. The Ravens had the lead and one of the best running backs in the game - did I mention they had the lead? - but inexplicably decided to run three unsuccessful pass plays before being forced to punt. Can someone explain this to me? All you have to do is run out the clock! A sack and two incomplete passes later, and all Baltimore managed to get off the clock was 1:02.

But those are all embarrassing moments that are directly related to the football games. I’ve decided to make this week’s most embarrassing moments an all-behavioral edition, considering how poorly certain NFL players carried themselves this week.

I already wrote on Bill Belichick being a huge, classless, sulky jerk, so I’ll omit him here. I won’t include Wes Welker’s wife’s comments about Ray Lewis and his precarious status as a role model, because she was completely right.

With that litany of embarrassments aside, let’s get to the worst of the worst. Click through at the top of the page to see the Top 5 Most Embarrassing Moments from 2013 NFL Conference Championships.

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Asante Samuel Taunts David Akers

Daniel Shirey - USA Today Sports

San Francisco 49ers kickerDavid Akers has not had a good season. Going into Sunday’s matchup with the Atlanta Falcons, Akers had already missed 13 kicks this season, most in the league. Just before Akers lined up to kick a 38-yard field goal in the third quarter (which he would miss), Falcons’ cornerback Asante Samuel did what he does best - talked a lot of smack. Cameras caught Samuel getting in Akers’ face and yapping at him like an annoying puppy while Akers pretended to ignore him.

I was cheering for Atlanta, but Samuel trash talking his former teammate was puerile and not very classy.

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Terrell Suggs Crows Over New England Patriots

Chris Humphreys - USA Today Sports

I always have thought the Baltimore Ravens get a little bit of a pass from the media on the behavior of the players. No, no, I’m not talking about the man who murdered two people and is constantly lauded by the press - I’m talking about Terrell Suggs.

Following the Ravens’ win over the New England Patriots, Suggs, ever gracious in victory, had this to say: "We came. We saw. We conquered ... Shut them out in the second half. Tell them to have fun at the Pro Bowl. Arrogant [expletives] ...These are the most arrogant [expletives]in the world, starting with [Bill] Belichick on down."

This is not cool. A team just had their season end and their hearts crushed - you don’t need to rub it in. Go ahead and say whatever you want behind closed doors, but show a modicum of respect when speaking publicly since, you know, you represent your team and all.

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Jim Harbaugh Loses It

Matthew Emmons - USA Today Sports

In the fourth quarter of the Atlanta-San Francisco game, the refs made an interesting call when they ruled Atlanta receiver Harry Douglas’ catch a completion, despite the fact the ball hit the ground and moved. San Fran coach Jim Harbaugh challenged the play and the catch was upheld. And then Harbaugh lost it.

Screaming and slamming his headset onto the ground, Harbaugh made sure the refs were clear on his evaluation of their call. As Harbaugh threw a tantrum like the big crybaby he is, his team prayed that they would not be hit with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty - which they should have been, but were not. Furthermore, Harbaugh should be fined for his behavior.

We get it, Jim, you didn’t like the call. Deal with it. I’m sure Atlanta’s coach Mike Smith was not happy when the refs failed to call the clear defensive holding on NaVorro Bowman as he broke up Atlanta’s last play, but Smith didn’t need to make a spectacle of himself. Harbaugh is a petulant tyrant but, for some reason, the more he makes these kinds of scenes, the more people put up with it. It’s Jim Harbaugh, they say, that’s just the way he is. Well, maybe it’s time for Jim to grow up.

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Ray Lewis Really Likes Attention

Mark J. Rebilas - USA Today Sports

As an NFL fan, I very, very, very much resent the fact that I can’t watch a single week’s highlight reel without seeing Ray Lewis screaming nonsense in the middle of the huddle and doing his dorky dance that everyone loves so much. It’s bad enough that this crap is forced on the fans, but then we have to deal with the media mooning over him like a bunch of lovelorn bobby-soxers - “Oh, his passion!” “What a leader!”

This mess has reached nauseating levels since Lewis announced that he would be retiring this year - intentionally and completely overshadowing his team and teammates, like center Matt Birk, who is retiring after an impressive 15 seasons and who has earned the reputation as great guy, on and off the field. Teammate Torrey Smith even had to tell a reporter, “You know, Ray isn’t the only guy here.” -- But never mind about that! Ray Lewis just parroted some worn-out cliche, but he said it in a really loud voice!

Apparently, Ray’s been reading too much of his own press. Prior to Sunday’s game - as in, before the game even started! - Ray hammed it up for the camera, crying and talking to himself during the national anthem. I don’t just mean his eyes welled up as he reflected on what could be his last game ever; I mean way-over-the-top sobbing for the benefit of the camera that was one foot away from him. Take it down a notch, buddy.

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Media Freaks Out Over Harbowl

Brian Spurlock - USA Today Sports

The number one perpetrator of this week’s embarrassing moments is an easy pick: the media. Media people everywhere are doing a happy jig because they get to oversaturate television, newspapers, and the internet with their own invented title for the Super Bowl - the Harbowl. Oh, the angles! Jim and John are not only brothers, but they also have the same mother! Fans thought the media beat this horse to death last Thanksgiving when the two teams met, but the media is clearly just getting started. Buckle up - the next couple of weeks are going to be rough.