Washington Redskins Nearly "Manti Te'o'd" With False Twitter Account

By Ricky Allen
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports


It looks like the Washington Redskins nearly got catfished or as I call it, “Manti T’eo’d”. And yes, I made it a verb.

According to reports from NFL.com, Phillip Daniels, the Redskins’ director of player development, he has instructed several players not to talk to “Sidney Ackerman.” This alleged “person of interest” (we don’t know if it’s a person, spam bot, or Klingon for that matter…) who’s buzzing around in Redskins news across the web apparently goes by the Twitter handle “@RedRidnH00d.

Even the photos are wrong. The photos shown on the account apparently belong to porn star C.J. Miles.  Since the news broke earlier today, users are getting an “Internal Server Error,” so the account may have been terminated. However, the Redskins aren’t the only ones who may feel a little duped. The Redskins Twitter nation feels a little fooled too. There are several tweets where people have claimed to have been following her on her account, playing fantasy football with her and chatting to her during the games.

The one good thing that comes from news like this is awareness of who you talk to on the Internet. Yes, it’s a place where people can meet people and eventually get married, pending the circumstances, but those who are of influence, from celebrities to politicians, have it worse. Their ability to do the due diligence to whom they are talking to is priority, and if they should desire to take to to a more serious level like Manti Te’o, please go old school: Take the person out for some coffee, maybe a movie.

While it’s unfortunate the Redskins are found in the wake of this trend, it’s good that the administration got ahead of the problem. This should serve as a template for all team front offices: Take care of your people, especially when you feel something’s wrong.


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