Washington Redskins Players Almost Become 'Catfish' Victims Like Manti Te'o

By Dan Parzych
(Matt Cashore/USA Today Sports)

Only one week after the famous story of Manti Te’o finding out that his girlfriend who “passed away” last September never existed to begin with, it appears that several members of the Washington Redskins were victims of a woman trying to pull off a false identity as well.

Apparently, a few members of the Redskins were attempting to meet up with to a Twitter user by the name of “@RedRidnH00d” back in December before the team figured out she never existed to begin with. With all of the controversy surrounding what’s been happening with Te’o, it’s difficult not to wonder what’s going through some of these athletes’ minds when they come across some of these interactions on social media websites.

Professional athletes always seem to find a way to get caught up in the wrong act off the field, but this is one of those situations that should easily be avoided. For players like some of these Redskins to just decide that meeting up with this random stranger would be a good idea is nothing short of ridiculous and hopefully they learned from the Te’o experience how easy it is to fool someone online.

On the bright side: at least nothing serious happened to these players like it did with Te’o. Unlike the popular linebacker, these players don’t have to worry about rebuilding their reputation after living a lie for the entire football season like Te’o did over the last couple of months.

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