Bruce Arians is looking for "grit" in the next QB of the Arizona Cardinals

By Kase Brammer
Bruce Arians
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There’s an on going search for the next quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals. Head coach Bruce Arians says he will give Kevin Kolb, John Skelton and Ryan Lindley a shot to show him they can start for the team, but while doing so, GM Steve Keim will be pursuing other options. Skelton and Lindley were terrible this year and should not even get a shot to show Arians what they have, but the coaching staff is better this year, so I guess we will have to wait and see.

Kolb on the other hand, was not terrible, but he did get beat to hell in the six games he played in. Arians is looking for a quarterback with “grit” or the things that separate players like Denver BroncosPeyton Manning and now prisoner Ryan Leaf. Quarterbacks need to have capabilities beyond the physical to succeed in Arians’ System.

The way Kolb played last year, and the losing streak that followed when he went down, showed me he is a valuable player. He was sacked 27 times and managed to win four games. I do not give credit to Skelton for the first game even though he started. The rest of the quarterbacks managed just one, but it can be argued pretty easily that the defense won that game.

Arians does not seem too excited to work with Kolb, but I think he would do just fine in Arians’ System. He has a drive to win; the other quarterbacks do not and there maybe a handful of quarterbacks in this league that could have done what he did with the offensive line he had to work with. He did not complain, just got up, shook it off and called the next play. The only problem Kolb may have is his arm strength, but Kolb did show more guts than anyone in the NFL in just five games.

If Arians finds Kolb and the rest of the bunch cannot play into his vertical passing game, Keim will have trouble finding someone who has the skills to play the position. One option is Alex Smith, but I believe the San Francisco 49ers will try to trade him and they won’t do it within their own division. Same with the Seattle Seahawks and Matt Flynn.

So really, they have to look at the NFC East, AFC East or the draft to find their next guy.

The Buffalo Bills will be looking to trade Ryan Fitzpatrick if Geno Smith falls to them in the draft, and if the Philadelphia Eagles drafts Smith, they will definitely be looking to move Michael Vick. Fitzpatrick and Vick both have the arm strength to be good in the system, but both of them have a shattered confidence that most coaches do not want to deal with. No matter how you look at it, the Cardinals have an uphill battle to find the next quarterback of their franchise.

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