Cleveland Browns' Home Changes Names To First Energy Stadium

By Ryan Ruiz
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

It was a long time coming.

Cleveland was a town of tradition, but nowadays, it’s all about corporate sponsors. Cleveland Browns‘ stadium is the last area sports venue to grab a corporate name. Two weeks ago, new owner Jimmy Haslam III obtained First Energy, an Ohio company, to behold the name of the stadium.

However, none of that matters. What matters is fielding a winning team that this town can be proud of. Cleveland and their blue collar faithful fans need to be able to go to work on Monday not feeling so down. Winning cures everything.

So far, with all the new personnel changes going on, I get the sense that Haslam and his team are assembling a group that can win. Although people are chattering their mouths off about new general manager/pro personnel director Michael Lombardi, there is a much bigger picture to be seen. Something special is happening to this organization.

If you don’t feel better about Rob Chudzinski, Norv Turner, and Ray Horton over the previous clueless staff, then you are not a fan of the Browns. The sad thing is that Pat Shurmur and his staff had the talent on the sidelines to win football games. But, when talent and clock management is not utilized properly, bad things happen. That is exactly why Shurmur won just one more game than he did a season ago.

It really doesn’t matter what they call the stadium (although I do like the nickname flying around town, THE POWER HOUSE), the Browns need to draft smartly and pick up some quality free agents this off season. Hopefully, First Energy Stadium brings some luck and “W’s” in 2013.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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