Is Jerry Jones Setting Stage For Hiring Jon Gruden?

By Ben Grimaldi
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Little by little, Jerry Jones has been taking away any control that Jason Garrett has had on the Dallas Cowboys in his first few seasons as head coach. The coaching changes have been well documented this off-season, and there maybe one more coaching move that may tie everything together for the biggest move of them all, bringing in Jon Gruden to be the next coach of the Cowboys.

No, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, nor am I saying it will happen this year, but it certainly appears as though Jones is covering all his bases in making a smooth transition to Gruden should Jason Garrett fail to make an improvement with his Cowboys. Jones has brought in two of Gruden’s old coaches from his Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl winning days in Monte Kiffin and Rod Marinelli.

The Cowboys are also expected to hire special teams coach Rich Bisaccia, who coached the San Diego Chargers this season, to the same position with the Cowboys. Oh yeah, he also was Gruden’s special teams coach during his run in Tampa.

All the pieces are beginning to fit with the Cowboys in case Gruden wants to return to the NFL. Of course, no one knows if Gruden wants to get back into coaching or if he would accept an offer from the Cowboys, but Jones is making it appear as though he’s building a staff Gruden would be comfortable with. And speaking of comfort, all these moves should be making Jason Garrett feel very uncomfortable, which is exactly what Jones promised a few weeks ago.

Could it be that Jerry Jones is forcing a win-win situation? If his changes work, then Garrett gets to stay as head coach and Jones would get the credit for making tough changes this off-season. If the new coaching changes don’t work, he can try to convince Gruden to come back to coaching with the Cowboys, with Gruden’s guys already in place.

The Dallas Cowboys have made some necessary changes so far this off-season, but are they changes for Jason Garrett or Jon Gruden? The Cowboys record next season should give us the answer.

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