Justin Tuck Promises Better 2013 Season

By Andrew Lecointe
Jim O’Connor — US Presswire

We’ve been around the block before, so it shouldn’t be anything new that New York Giants’ DE Justin Tuck is coming off of another unproductive campaign. It also isn’t surprising that Tuck is promising to come back to an All-Pro level in 2013. The Giants will need Tuck to live up to his promise in 2013 for several reasons.

DE Osi Umenyiora, who had a poor season, is guaranteed to be gone after this season, meaning Tuck will need to step up and return to the pass-rushing dominant player he once was. It’s important for Tuck to establish himself as a solid pass rusher and run stopper. If he doesn’t, teams will start to double-team DE Jason Pierre-Paul, which will make the Giants’ defense much worse.

It’s also important for Tuck to try and stay healthy. He has battled an assortment of injuries the past couple of seasons, and it appears it’s taking its toll on him. Tuck missed a couple of games at the end of the season, so finding a way to stay on the field will definitely help Tuck return to form.

Tuck only had four sacks this season, which has been his lowest total since the 2006 season. Pierre-Paul led the team with only 6.5 sacks, so it was evident that the pass rush was non-existent this season. Tuck will need to play much better in order to help out Pierre-Paul avoid double teams.

Tuck has made statements like this before. After the championship season of 2011, Tuck battled through injuries and did not perform as well as he wanted to. He vowed to play better this year, but his play got worse. Can we trust Tuck? Or is he simply running out of gas? We’ll find out next season.

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