Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck Will Work Together in 2013 NFL Pro Bowl

By Mark Stringer
Brian Spurlock – US Presswire 

Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning started the Pro Bowl week with lots of jokes and laughs in the Tuesday night get together, but since then he has been all business and the first to show the effort that he discussed Tuesday about players trying harder in the 2013 NFL Pro Bowl.

It will be interesting watching Manning and Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck working together in the Pro Bowl, and Luck will be mic’d up at practice Friday at Kapolei High School. It will also be interesting to hear the interactions going on between the rookie and the veteran.

Both of these guys are very classy men, and I don’t see anything negative coming between them over the Colts’ situation when they chose to let Manning walk away after 14 record-setting seasons and drafted Luck with the number one overall pick of the 2012 NFL Draft.

Manning will be all business in trying to help the AFC win the Pro Bowl and Luck will follow suit. If anything, Manning will be supportive by giving advice to the young rookie and helping him with any questions he may have.

Luck and Manning are both very talented, and if Luck will listen to some of these vets at the Pro Bowl and take it to heart, he may have a shot at becoming one of the greats of the NFL.

Pro Bowl week should give all players involved a chance to get to know each other and maintain friendships that will last a lifetime.


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