Rob Ryan Named St. Louis Rams' Defensive Coordinator

By Scott DelleFave
Ryan, Rob 1
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams have announced that they have hired Rob Ryan as their next defensive coordinator. The position was vacated due to Gregg Williams‘ involvement with the “Bounty Gate” scandal when he was the defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints.

Personally this could be a huge mistake as the Rams have all the defensive talent in the world as a 4-3 defensive team, however, everywhere Ryan has coached at they have ran a 3-4 and the Rams aren’t quite geared to run it to say the least. Defensive ends Chris Long and Robert Quinn are very good with their hands in the dirt and wouldn’t be as good as outside linebackers. The Rams would also need a solid large run clogging nose tackle and 3-4 defensive ends to eat up the offensive line. Granted there is plenty of defensive players in this draft that would fill their needs, however, their needs aren’t only defensive, quarterback Sam Bradford needs protection urgently. Not to mention, more targets to throw to.

Although this also could be a very good thing as they are an extremely talented and young defense and they will have a very vocal coach who will stand up for his players no matter what. It’s also fitting that Ryan goes to St. Louis as head coach Jeff Fisher has a strong control over his team, unlike some coaches like Rob’s bother, Rex and I think that’s one of the things that has hurt him in becoming a head coach in the NFL.

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