Can Baltimore Ravens Thank Jason Garrett For Their Success?

By Ben Grimaldi
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The year was 2008, the Baltimore Ravens had just fired their head coach Brian Billick and needed a replacement. They interviewed Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett and liked him so much they offered him the coaching job in Baltimore. As we know, Garrett turned it down and chose to stay with the Cowboys, after getting a hefty raise from owner Jerry Jones.

Since that time, the Ravens has been to the playoffs in five consecutive seasons, won three division titles, won a conference title and is on the verge of winning a Super Bowl.

The Cowboys on the other hand, well, they haven’t been as successful in the past five seasons, grabbing only one division title and have only won a single playoff game. Those numbers are from splitting the Dallas coaches and we know the Cowboys haven’t won much of anything under Garrett in his two seasons.

So the real question is, can the Baltimore Ravens fans thank Jason Garrett for turning down the job and allowing for John Harbaugh to become their coach? The beauty of the question is that it can’t really be answered because the organizations are run in two entirely different ways. Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti and general manager Ozzie Newsome are part of what is regarded as one of the best-run franchises in the NFL. While the Cowboys and Jerry Jones are not as well thought of in NFL circles for the way he runs his team.

So it’s unfair to say if Jason Garrett would have been any less effective as a coach than Harbaugh has been. Conversely, look at the Cowboys coaching situation and it’s very difficult to find a coach that would thrive in the atmosphere with the way the organization is currently constructed. All we can do is look at the results and ask yourself this question; if the roles were reversed, would either team be any different if   they had the opposite coach?

No one can possibly know the answer to that question but right about now there aren’t too many Ravens fans complaining about Garrett spurning the Ravens and going back to the Cowboys. And I know there is a big group of Cowboys fans who would rather have John Harbaugh over their current coach.

So which coach is the biggest reason for the Ravens current success, is it Jason Garrett or John Harbaugh? If you’re a Ravens fan, I’m guessing it doesn’t matter since the team has won so much.

The question crossed my mind today, just wondering if it crossed anyone else’s?

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