NFL Rumors: Did Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay Cross NFL's Gambling Line?

By Ben Grimaldi
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is one of the most oddball owners in all of sports. He has no problem engaging in twitter wars with analysts, speaking his mind and in one particular case, holding a contest on twitter and paying it off handsomely.

It all began when Irsay tweeted for everyone to guess the correct score in the AFC Championship game. One fan, who’s only name given was Jason, predicted the Baltimore Ravens would beat the New England Patriots by the score of 27-13. Irsay allowed a one point cushion for both teams and he had his winner. Soon after the game ended, Jason was greeted with a Fed-Ex package with $8,500 in it, making Irsay a man of his word.

It may also lead him into some hot water with the NFL, because I’m not sure how this is can be allowed with the leagues gambling policy. No owner, coach or player is supposed to be allow to participate in any gambling. Although I’m not sure this constitutes as gambling and it doesn’t appear as though Irsay is worried about it, I wouldn’t be surprised if he heard from commissioner Roger Goodell.

I’m all for what Irsay did and think he’s a pretty cool guy but the NFL has rules about their policies and they strictly enforce them. After all, they just fined San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore $10,500 for wearing his socks too low in the NFC Championship game, so Fed-Ex may soon be stopping at the Irsay residence as well.

I think Irsay’s a stand-up guy for paying it off his fun contest, and this is a nice story about the NFL giving back. Unfortunately for Irsay, he might be giving back a little more than he bargained for.

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