NFL Rumors: Should the Denver Broncos Trade for Darrelle Revis?

By Joe Morrone
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since New York Jets owner Woody Johnson said that the team would explore the idea of trading star cornerback Darrelle Revis, it seems as if he has been attached to the other 31 teams in the NFL. Naturally the question of whether the Denver Broncos should attempt to acquire his services has surfaced. The question then becomes is it a good idea for the Broncos to go after Revis?

Revis is a great player, the best cornerback in the league, but the Broncos don’t need him. Let me rephrase that; they would love to have him but not at the price it would take to get him. First the Broncos would have to trade for him and that would be a steep price; they would have to give up far too much.

The Broncos are committed to building through the draft and Revis would cost at least a couple of very high picks. Secondly, they would have to pay Revis who is going to want a new contract if he is traded. The Broncos are in good shape as it relates to the salary cap, but signing Revis to a long-term deal would really severely limit their ability to do anything else to improve the team.

Signing Revis would make it almost impossible to sign Ryan Clady to a long-term extension, and that has to be the number one priority in the off-season. Lastly and there are many who won’t want to hear this after the playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens, the Broncos secondary is good enough. They need to use their resources to improve the team in other areas, such as linebacker, safety, offensive line depth, more weapons for Peyton Manning and a defensive tackle. Trading for Revis would be the flashy move but it would be the wrong move.

The other rumor that Broncos’ fans should get behind is the idea that the team might have an interest in free agent defensive end, Dwight Freeney. The pass rusher from the Indianapolis Colts would fit in great with Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil, giving the Broncos three top-flight pass rushers. It would also allow the Broncos to move Derek Wolfe from end to tackle, his natural position. That would solve the question of defensive tackle and Wolfe would provide a pass rush up the middle that was missing in 2012. Freeney and Manning are close from their days with the Colts, that should work in the Broncos favor if they choose to pursue him.

Revis is a great player but the Broncos have more pressing needs, and the price is just too high. However if they were able to sign Freeney then the pass rush is even better, and that makes the secondary better. The best pass defense is a pass rush, which should be the Broncos focus.

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