New York Jets Only Way Out: Trading Darrelle Revis

By Harry Dole


Recently hired N.Y. Jets GM John Idzik has little choice but to run CB Darrelle Revis out of town via trade. Kirby Lee/Ed Mulholland – USA TODAY SPORTS


New York Jets all-world cornerback Darrelle Revis was reportedly surprised to find out the team has placed him on the trading block.  Although Revis’ initial reaction may be shock, it is difficult to believe he is losing much sleep over the decision to move him.  Several years down the road, the best football player on the field on any given Sunday may end up thanking the Jets front office for the trade.

Revis is in his prime and deserves to be playing with a Super Bowl contender, instead of playing with a rebuilding team which will be watching the big game on television for several years to come.  If Revis remains with the Jets, the upcoming losing seasons will turn him into a bitter and disgruntled individual – like most long time Jet fans.  When you are one of the best players in the NFL, playing with a bad team can be a real flatliner.

In his six season career, the 27 year old Revis has never had the luxury of being on a roster with a high powered and efficient offensive unit.  Keeping Revis paired with an offense which resembles the expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers team would be downright cruel and unusual punishment.

From the Jets perspective, they just simply cannot afford to keep Revis.  The front office is well aware Revis is worth every cent of the money he will be demanding after the 2013 season.  Revis is one of those rare players whose mere presence alone can change the outcome of games.

The team which wins the Revis lottery will not only have to pay him handsomely, they will first have to anti up a nice piece of change in trade material to the Jets.  There is a rumor going around that the Jets will not get full market value for Revis.  Huh?

I do not know what this full market value term equates to and may even be a myth, but I do know there are several teams out there one step from the Super Bowl who are more than willing to take a shot at Revis.  A player in his prime like Revis does not go on the trade block too often in a GM’s career.  Do not expect the Jets to just give away a player of his magnitude.  Although Revis is coming off a knee injury, this should not diminish his value.

A first round draft pick in return is a must for New York in any deal for Revis island.  In addition, the Jets should seek a young promising quarterback with an arm, a starting wide receiver or running back to be tacked on as a package.  The lower the first round pick, the more the Jets should ask for in the package.  Any trade for Revis needs to address the gaping holes in the team’s offensive skill positions.

Most Jet fans are aware that it is time to blow up the Jets and start all over again; just like Revis should be aware that his window to win the Lombardi Trophy with the Jets has been slammed shut.  The Jets only way out here is to maximize thier return on Revis by dealing him before the draft.

By all indications, it will be a deal the Jets, Revis and his new employer should have no trouble living with.

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